Unlocking the full environmental and economic benefits of marine vessel electrification for both vessel owners and electric grid

  • Minimize environmental / GHG Impact
  • Maximize energy efficiency
  • Financially benefit from electrification
Achieving Net Zero for

Marine Transportation and Electric Grid

Marine transportation and the electric grid are each facing more than trillion dollar challenges to meet their decarbonization targets.

Near-shore vessels from ferries to fishing boats are going electric, and that shift to electric is accelerating. The electric grid shift to renewables is driving large scale deployment of wind, solar and energy storage.

Rimot brings intelligence to how these electric vessels connect to the electric grid to deliver additional environmental and financial benefits for both.

Rimot’s vessel-to-grid (V2G) technology brings intelligence to a future of near-shore vessels that are electric-centric and grid-connected.

Energy / Grid Services

Environmental Impact



Optimize Your Electric Vessels

about rimot

Rimot brings dynamic intelligence at the convergence of the marine transportation drive for net zero and the electric utility drive for net zero.

We believe in greener energy and bluer oceans. 

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