Why Remote Monitoring Matters

In our previous lives in the wireless industry we constantly wondered why transmitters that did important things weren’t monitored. Important things like paging firefighters, dispatching fleets of trucks, navigating ships and aircraft, communicating on police radios. All too often the first person to find a system problem is that firefighter, truck driver or police officer in a moment of need.

The photocopier repair guy can show up at our office unannounced saying “I’m here to change that drum or you won’t be making photocopies by next week”. It makes perfect sense that the photocopier is remotely monitored to detect and hopefully avoid downtime. So what about monitoring for truly critical infrastructure like wireless transmitters?

Turns out there are hundreds of thousands of wireless transmitters across North America that are not monitored in real-time. This lack of visibility puts productivity – and sometimes lives – at risk. This is a problem worth solving.

System owners, technicians and users have helped us understand why transmitters and repeaters weren’t monitored today. Everyone wants remote monitoring. The reasons for not monitoring frequently include “too hard to install”, “too expensive”, “only gives me part of the picture”, and “very complicated”.

We set out to use the latest of industrial IoT technology to create a new remote monitoring solution for wireless transmitters. Remote monitoring that:

  • Gives real-time visibility to the remote site and equipment
  • Is accessible anywhere from a smartphone or PC
  • Provides the kind of information that you’d get if a technician were on the site
  • Alerts when a problem has occurred, or better yet before it becomes a problem
  • Is super easy to install and use
  • Operates as a turnkey remote monitoring service
  • Is so affordable that it becomes widely used across North America and hopefully farther

We had a bit of a moment mid-way through building our transmitter monitoring solution. The issues we were seeing from no visibility to remote transmitter sites were the same issues with no visibility to remote generators, renewable energy and hydraulic systems. Overnight our mission broadened.

So quietly Rimot was born. Born with the purpose of remote monitoring and control of business-critical infrastructure. That largely unseen and underappreciated equipment that business and government count on every day.  Our first product on our remote mentoring platform is RimotRF, monitoring for wireless transmitter sites – where we started.

In the days ahead we’ll be launching RimotRF to monitor your transmitters that do important things. Thanks to everyone who is helping us get there.

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