7 Reasons Why Critical Infrastructure Is Not Remotely Monitored

We have listened hard to system owners, technicians and users as to why they don’t remotely monitor their critical infrastructure. These are the capable people in companies and government who look after and rely on wireless transmitters, generators, hydraulics and more. Almost without exception they want remote monitoring; however there are real challenges that have kept them from doing so.

The seven reasons for not monitoring remote equipment and infrastructure can be distilled to:

  1. Too hard to implement – Current remote monitoring systems frequently take a team, including an engineer or two, to design and install. This takes many months.
  2. Too hard to use – The remote monitoring may require special IP access to the site and a special application and training to run on a PC or laptop. As consumers we are getting used to easily controlling our homes and cars from our smartphone.
  3. No communications link – There is no wired or wireless link to the site, or if there is an IP connection to the site it may not be readily available to support remote monitoring.
  4. Legacy infrastructure – Remote sites may have old analog equipment or new digital equipment – or both. How to get visibility to old and new on one platform?
  5. Limited information – Getting information about the transmitter but not the site, for example, doesn’t provide a complete picture.
  6. On-going system maintenance – Many remote monitoring platforms require a server for the dedicated monitoring application and regular software upgrades.
  7. Expensive – The remote monitoring equipment and sensors, and the people time to implement and support add up

So to summarize… Hard to install and use, expensive, and of limited use.

We have turned these challenges around to build our foundation. Rimot and our remote monitoring platform is using new proven IoT technology to deliver on three key tenets:

  • Easy – Easy to implement and easy to use
  • Insight – Complete visibility to the remote site and equipment
  • Value – A turnkey platform at an industry-leading price

Our focus is on monitoring for the unmonitored. That is, seeing our Rimot platform used to monitor critical equipment that isn’t monitored today but should be.

RimotRF is our first offering our remote monitoring for wireless transmitters and repeater sites. Learn more about how we can help you go from “unmonitored” to “monitored”.

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