What Does Industrial IoT Have To Do With Your Fitness Tracker?

Chances are if you bought a new watch in the last year or two it was probably a fitness tracker or smartwatch. It’s really convenient to be able to monitor your heart rate, steps, and exercise – oh and it probably still tells you the time. You put it on your wrist and it just works!

The same Internet of Things (IoT) technology that allows you to easily monitor your heart rate on your wrist is what is happening in the industrial landscape – IIOT – Industrial Internet of Things.

IIoT is about getting data from things in your business where you never have before, analysing it to seek out efficiencies and predictions, and using the analysis to create profitable business outcomes.

Cisco says 2018 is the first year when then will be more machine-to-machine (M2M) connections than there are people on the planet. And by 2021, Cisco says the number will almost double to 13.7 billion M2M connections.

There are many major technology advances that collectively are fuelling the growth of the Internet of Things at home and at work. Computing gets faster, electronics gets smaller, wireless gets more ubiquitous and the ways we use data gets better. In the IIOT system there are lots of moving pieces…

Sensors • Wireless • Cloud • Mobile devices • Edge computing • Analytics • Data visualization

The key is the Integration – each of the above technologies enables IIoT, and their impact is multiplied when they are brought together into an easy to use system as many new consumer IoT products do today, like a Fitbit.

The convergence of these technologies is also what fuelled our enthusiasm to start Rimot.

We believed that Industrial IoT could provide a fresh approach to how to bring disruptive change to the business models of how we monitor and maintain remote critical infrastructure, like transmitters and generators. Places where communications might be an issue. And where fixing it just isn’t right around the corner but maybe hours away, tops of mountains, places that are just hard to get to.

We talked to a whole bunch people at a whole bunch of companies who have these remote critical sites and they believed there was a problem but hadn’t see a competitively priced platform that just worked.

Our Rimot platform for remote monitoring incorporates purpose-built sensors, edge computing, cellular data connectivity, cloud computing, and data analytics and visualization. And we listened to the company experts we spoke to. It’s all integrated into a complete turnkey solution offered as-a-service for easy implementation and use. And yes, it can create disruptive business models in how companies maintain their critical remote sites.

The next time you have a quick look at your smartphone to see the stats on your latest workout, think about all the great IoT technology making it all happen so seamlessly. We’d like to think that we built the Rimot platform integrating all these Industrial IoT technologies so you don’t have to. Plug it in, good to go. It just works.

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