How to Take Advantage of the Smarts in Your MOTOTRBO Repeaters

MOTOTRBO repeaters are smart with onboard diagnostics that monitor system health and alert when something goes wrong. All too often this vital diagnostic data is unseen and just becomes digital exhaust. With the newest release of RimotRF you can easily take advantage of these smarts to remotely monitor MOTOTRBO sites. MOTOTRBO radio systems provide critical communications for logistics to security, manufacturing and oil & gas. Important stuff. Having continuous insight to these MOTOTRBO repeaters and sites means system users and maintainers can:
  • Minimize downtime of their MOTOTRBO radio systems
  • Be notified of problems immediately when they do occur to get them resolved more quickly
  • Reduce truck rolls and technician costs by having better information before you dispatch
  • Analyze system performance to anticipate and resolve issues before they impact users
As a Motorola solution partner, our turnkey RimotRF monitoring service now directly integrates with MOTOTRBO. RimotRF users can view the performance of MOTOTRBO repeaters by viewing the RimotRF information portal or when they are alerted to a problem. These repeater alerts are triggered by a failure or abnormal operation. The alerts are also shown with the more detailed description of the alert condition, and the Motorola-recommended remedies – particularly handy if you are a technician on the side of the road with a smartphone. RimotRF now provides the following critical data on MOTOTRBO repeaters:
  • Continuously shows overall repeater status, firmware version, and serial number
  • Graphs repeater temperature, output power and VSWR on later models of MOTOTRBO repeaters
  • A wide range of over 50 major, minor and informational alarms including fan failures, high VSWR, Rx and Tx alarms, and temperature
Today MOTOTRBO repeater diagnostics and alarms are generally accessed only when a technician is on-site with their laptop troubleshooting a problem, or with network monitoring tools like Genesis GW3 for larger wide area trucked systems. RimotRF addresses the gap by providing continuous monitoring of critical MOTOTRBO systems that are unmonitored today. RimotRF is easy and quick to install for MOTOTRBO repeater sites. Installations can take as little as 30 minutes onsite by an experienced RF technician with no advance pre-engineering, calibration or product training. RimotRF works for XPR (8300/8380/8400), MTR3000 and SLR (5700/8000) series repeaters in analog or digital mode, conventional or trunked. Get proactive and start monitoring your unmonitored MOTOTRBO repeaters and sites with RimotRF. Contact us for a RimotRF demonstration see how to take full advantage of the smarts in your MOTOTRBO radio systems.

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