How Much Productivity Are You Losing Without Remote Monitoring?

We recently did productivity analysis for RimotRF deployment at multiple plants run by a global  manufacturer. The potential productivity gains from remotely monitoring their radio systems were  substantial and we thought they were worth sharing. This industrial manufacturer uses land mobile radio at their production plants primarily for voice communications for operations, maintenance, logistics, safety, and security. They use four trunked repeaters at each of the three plants, and these systems operate independently as there is no need to communicate between plants. Working with our local partner that maintains the radio system, we first looked at the productivity loss of a radio system outage at a plant. The lost operations productivity showed that radio system outages cost almost $300,000 per year across the three plants. Capture blog post final 2 Then we analyzed the lost productivity of the field service team that maintain the radio systems because they are reactive and have no continuous insight into the health of system. The lost service productivity calculation was compelling as it showed that remote monitoring could be financially justified on this one consideration alone. Capture blog final Clearly lost productivity is a major element of the ROI for remote site monitoring of radio systems. Beyond just the lost productivity in this case study are ever-important factors like safety and risk mitigation. Together it is a strong business case to be more proactive in managing critical business infrastructure. Contact us to discuss your business case for remote site monitoring.

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