Want to Reduce Your LMR System Outages By 50%?

Industry-leading Motorola Solutions recently conducted a global survey of Land Mobile Radio (LMR) system managers across 24 countries. A key finding of the research was that organizations that monitor their systems 24x7x365 have had nearly 50 percent fewer outages in the past year than those that do not.

System managers reported that their two biggest gaps are System Health and Performance and Preventative Maintenance – the delta between importance level and satisfaction level are huge.  Understanding overall system health and performance is rated as extremely or very important by 83 percent while only 59 percent were happy with their current situation.

Intuitively this makes all sense – better real-time insight and data about a remote communications site will result in fewer issues and outages. The survey backed this up with hard evidence of how critical system monitoring really is.

So why are so many LMR systems unmonitored? Respondents highlighted budget constraints and limited internal staff to implement and operate monitoring systems.

We were pleased to see that organizations plan to close the gap by partnering with an outside service provider for remote monitoring. That’s what RimotRF is all about – to provide insight to remote wireless transmitter sites that are currently unmonitored or under-monitored.

RimotRF is easy to install and use, provides lots of continuous insight about remote sites, and at a turnkey price that is affordable for LMR systems big and small. RimotRF doesn’t take a lot of staff time to install or maintain, and is budget friendly for any size of installation.

LMR systems are critical to operations and safety across business and government. Make sure they work. Contact us to see how RimotRF can reduce system outages by 50 percent.

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