Wireless Leadership Summit – Lessons Learned

Rimot has just returned from the Enterprise Wireless Association’s Wireless Leadership Summit in Kansas City. There were 3 topics that dominated the sessions at this year’s WLS beyond the continued scarcity of wireless spectrum:

  1. It is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate your business from your competition.
  2. Hiring, training and retaining quality people is becoming extremely difficult.
  3. Information Technology is becoming increasingly important in the LMR space.

At first glance, these topics may appear to have nothing to do with remote monitoring.  In fact, they are amongst the founding principles of Rimot. In this blog, I will briefly explain how our remote monitoring system (RimotRF) can help two-way radio dealers be more effective in these areas.

Differentiation – Hardware margins are falling. This is a reality in the technology hardware business, and not exclusive to land mobile radio (LMR). It is no longer feasible for most dealers to make a living solely by selling hardware installation and configuration.

Customers see value when their service provider is able to diagnose and predict issues remotely, in fact this is a service a customer is willing to pay for. LMR operators that use a remote monitoring service see 50% fewer outages then those that don’t according to a recent Motorola survey. So why don’t dealers install site monitoring? The answer lies in the complexity and expense of traditional monitoring solutions.

Multiple monitoring solutions for RF, environmental, etc., are highly complex and expensive. By comparison, RimotRF requires no pre-engineering and installs in as little as an hour. Essential site information is now collected and available from any internet device including smartphones and tablets.  Dealers that install RimotRF at their customer sites can deliver on the promise of remote monitoring, almost instantly, for the cost of a smartphone.

HR – OK, how can remote monitoring help with HR? Actually, in a number of ways. First, as margins decrease you need to be more efficient, we don’t have unlimited bench resources to handle every call. Second, we have a Google generation, technicians entering the workforce are used to having the answer at their fingertips. Working in situations where they don’t have visibility to what is wrong leads to high turnover, costing you money and time.

Remote monitoring gives you the information to fix issues on the first call, eliminating multiple site visits and giving staff confidence to tackle the problem because they know what it is beforehand. Your costs for resolving issues are reduced, with the added benefit of your employees feeling confident and empowered from data-driven decisions helps to decrease employee turnover.

IT – Increasingly LMR and IT cross paths. IT managers have high expectations for remote management and security. RimotRF provides monitoring capabilities without impacting IT operations. RimotRF is designed to be intrinsically secure and does not rely on TCP/IP networks. IT managers are happy because they get the insight they want, with the security they require.

At WLS we were able to further define RimotRF fixes for more issues that channel partners experience than the obvious, and many of those are challenges faced by the industry overall.

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