How Remote Monitoring Integrates with Motorola MOTOTRBO Systems

According to a Motorola Solutions industry survey, organizations that monitor their land mobile radio (LMR) systems 24x7x365 experienced 50% fewer outages over the last year. By combining the right remote monitoring with your MOTOTRBO system, you can reduce downtime, eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs, and anticipate problems before they occur.

Remote Site Monitoring and Why It’s Important

Rather than physically sending teams to remote locations for maintenance, field service technicians and managers use off-site monitoring systems to evaluate wireless communications equipment from afar. While traditional methods have been difficult to use, new technology has enabled monitoring that seamlessly harmonizes with Motorola to make off-site monitoring quick, easy, and affordable.

Rimot software integrates with MOTOTRBO systems to provide critical information on how your communications and operations equipment is performing, including:

  • Gives real-time visibility to the remote site and equipment
  • Notifies of problems or malfunctions immediately
  • Allows for quick, informed dispatch of technicians and truck rolls
  • Operates as a turnkey monitoring service that is easy to install
  • Analyzes system performance to anticipate issues

By using remote monitoring and control systems, you can save system users the cost and risk of unnecessary downtime. Technicians can evaluate data, anticipate system issues, and provide a service plan without traveling all over your territory to do it.

Top 5 Features of Rimot’s Critical System Monitoring Solution and MOTOTRBO Integration

Monitoring systems help put companies in the position of proactive servicing. With Rimot and MOTOTRBO products working together, your business can benefit from easy to use technology that allows your team to produce at the highest level. 

  1. Defined and Timely MOTOTRBO Alerts

When you get MOTOTRBO alerts, it isn’t just a general alarm. With a wide range of major, minor, and informational alarms, our systems tell you exactly what the alert means and what remedy is needed for the issue.

While MOTOTRBO diagnostics and alarms are frequently accessed only when a technician is on-site, Rimot’s system monitoring solution provides continuous off-site access to data from your critical infrastructure. The integration between Rimot and MOTOTRBO alerts allows your technicians and field service teams to proactively manage and monitor this critical wireless communications infrastructure.

  1. MOTOTRBO Info Available On Smartphones

With RF and MOTOTRBO sensors installed on-site, our data analytics and visualization system allow users to monitor data using smartphones, tablets, or personal computers. This means service team members can get the information they need – on a large monitor in an office or a smartphone on the side of the road in the middle of the night.

For emergency field service or mission-critical applications, our network allows for simplified, remote communication in real-time. By using any communication device, your technicians and managers will have information to better schedule labour, order parts quickly, and help streamline scheduling for improved customer service.

  1. Trending on Key Parameters for Remote Site Management

RimotRF provides readings on key parameters of the MOTOTRBO repeaters, antenna, site, and weather. This gives a single window to all the key parameters needed to understand what is going on with all the elements required to have a working site. These key parameters are also captured over time, which provides a powerful ability to see how these parameters are trending over time.

There is also the ability to overlay two very different key site parameters. For example, say you have a report of coverage issues starting two days ago. It is invaluable to be able to overlay the precipitation rate with the VSWR for the last 48 hours to see if there may be a problem with water ingress in the antenna or coax.

  1. Stay Informed with Alerts Through SMS or Email

Alerts can be sent via SMS or email when something significant happens on a remote site. Learn about problems when they occur to take immediate action as required, or ideally be able to head off a problem altogether before users are impacted.

  1. Not Just Monitoring Your MOTOTRBO Repeater

In addition to providing continuous insight about your MOTOTRBO repeaters, our monitoring system provides a complete view of your critical infrastructure, including:

  • Other analog or digital repeaters – Forward power, reflected power, and VSWR
  • Weather – Precipitation rate, wind speed, and outside temperature
  • Site Health – AC power, temperature, humidity, and intrusion
  • GPIO – to monitor key site equipment such as tower lighting and generators

Industries that are proactive with remote monitoring include oil and gas, public safety, utilities, and transportation. With sites that have long travel times, or are located in tough environments, off-site monitoring allows organizations to gain an advantage in their industry and get the information they need to avoid downtime and inefficient allocation of resources.

Off-Site Monitoring Systems for Your Business

Successful field service teams are benefiting from the innovation that comes with continuously having access to actionable data to do their jobs. With remote site management that integrates seamlessly with Motorola Solutions’ MOTOTRBO systems, your organization can respond to issues in real-time, schedule maintenance appropriately, and help your technicians better serve users of these critical wireless systems.

Learn more about how you can reduce system outage time, truck rolls, technician time, and associated risk and costs here.

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