10 Things to Monitor with GPIO

LMR downtime can be costly and be safety threat. Remote monitoring can help prevent incurring costs, decrease response times, and address issues proactively. Remote monitoring is often not implemented due to complexity and cost. Repeater and antenna system failures are often not the root cause of RF site failure. To prevent downtime, many organizations use a myriad of different systems to monitor RF, security, environmental sensors, backup power equipment and other sensors. If they are monitor at all.

RimotRF was designed by RF industry veterans to provide a cost-effective solution to help monitor remote radio sites from a single place. Decreasing downtime, making monitoring easy and available from any internet connected device, such a smartphone, computer or tablet. Since repeaters and antenna systems are often not the cause of failures RimotRF has introduced our GPIO module.

Here are the top 10 sensors you can remotely monitor with our Advanced services and GPIO module:

1. Generator fault/run
2. HVAC fault
3. Tower Lighting fault
4. UPS fault/on
5. Door/Window/Cabinet Contacts
6. Low Battery
7. Low Fuel/Fuel Spill
8. Dial-up Circuit Fault
9. Smoke/CO detection
10. Lightning protection faults

GPIO works with almost any kind of sensor or device that can send an electrical signal via dry contacts, so really, you can monitor just about anything.

Here at Rimot we heard from our customers that downtime can be caused by a myriad of things, not just repeater and antenna failures. We have created a single solution that helps you maintain RF site health monitoring multiple sensors, including but not limited to RF equipment, that was designed with RF professionals in mind.

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