5 Things You Didn’t Know About Remote Monitoring for LMR Systems 

Land mobile radio (LMR) systems and ancillary equipment generate large amounts of operational data and system alarms on a daily basis. Most of this vital information goes unnoticed unless manually checked by a technician during routine maintenance or on-site diagnostics.

Most LMR monitoring solutions were designed to only monitor one aspect of a remote site, just the repeaters, and not all of the related equipment that may create failure points. These solutions also require a large upfront investment of money and time for system design and deployment.

To close the gap of effective monitoring solutions, we developed RimotRF, an end-to-end remote monitoring and management solution that addresses the core issues many teams experience when maintaining wireless voice and data communications systems.

Our remote monitoring system improves maintenance and visibility for wireless transmitters, repeaters, antenna systems, and other critical equipment your site relies on. By continuously monitoring your infrastructure, your team will gain access to the information they need in real-time to help prevent malfunctions and downtime, while reducing overall maintenance costs.

With a low upfront and operational cost, and no pre-engineering required, your organization can immediately begin monitoring critical equipment from virtually any internet connected device, such as smartphone, computer or tablet. To get the full picture of what the RimotRF remote monitoring service offers, there are five things you should know about it.

1. MOTOTRBO Alarms & Fixes

As a Motorola Solutions partner, Rimot’s monitoring service integrates seamlessly with MOTOTRBO repeaters to detect issues with equipment in real-time, tracking down problems that could jeopardize system performance. MOTOTRBO RDAC diagnostics are frequently accessed only when a technician is on-site. RimotRF generates an automated email or text message when a MOTORTRBO repeater signals an alert or certain thresholds have been reached. In the case of an alert the portal will provide the Motorola recommended remedy to resolve the issue before users are impacted.

2. Overlay of Weather & Transmitter Data

Weather is beyond your control and can significantly impact wireless communications. Without being present on-site it can be difficult to determine if weather is the primary cause of disruption or damage to components. RimotRF overlays transmitter data with weather and lightning data to give real-time and historical insights into the root cause of system downtime. Technicians can use the historical data as a reference of what components are typically impacted by weather-related incidents to pre-emptively order parts needed to avoid downtime altogether.  

3. Improve Maintenance Time through Continuously Monitoring VSWR

Many teams only monitor voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR or SWR) when on-site responding to a critical problem. VSWR is a key indicator of the overall health of an antenna system and without continuous monitoring, technicians may not be able to identify the core reason behind the loss of efficiency for a communications system. RimotRF integrates continuous VSWR monitoring for forward and reflective power with thresholds set to alert technicians of malfunctions to help mitigate future damage and maintain the performance of the system as a whole. 

4. Gain Insight to your Operations on Any Device

You can access the RimotRF portal diagnostics on a desktop or mobile device at any time, viewing current and historical data of your equipment. If there have been errors or malfunctions in the past, you will be able to identify key trends and anticipate the troubleshooting procedure with ease. Being able to access diagnostics on any device means that your team can allocate its resources effectively, dispatching technicians as needed to the highest priority sites. 

Access to current site data and diagnostics is no longer limited to those sitting in an expensive network operations center. Now technicians parked on the side of the road at 2 am with their smartphone can get access to the same information to get critical issues resolved quickly and safely. 

5.Get a Complete Site View.

To get a complete view of site health in the past multiple systems were required. RimotRF brings together repeater and antenna health in the same view as outside weather, shelter conditions, or just about any GPIO device that can be monitored with a dry contact, such as UPS, generators and tower lighting.

RimotRF is a turnkey remote monitoring service to help your organization expand its system monitoring capabilities without additional networking or IT resources. Modern communication deployments also have network security at the forefront of their priorities, and RimotRF ensures end-to-end security for your network and data. Without pre-engineering or special training needed, RimotRF can be deployed in as little as one day to help your team start reducing system outages and maintenance costs.

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