Covid-19 is Challenging Field Service Organizations As Never Before

Your wireless communications systems have never been more important – nor more difficult to maintain. We are talking to organizations who for the first time in their careers can’t send technicians onsite due to social distancing or heightened hygiene requirements. In other cases there is simply is no technician to send.

Covid-19 has and will forever change how we conduct our personal and business lives.
Industry leaders are telling us how important it is to see and act remotely to manage through this current situation. It is certain that when things return to a new normal that people will look differently at how they manage their critical infrastructure generally.

This impact is seen is this fresh survey of technology solution companies by the Technology Services Industry Association. They report that 88% of field service (FS) deployments to sites have been suddenly impacted by Covid-19.

The challenges that the study outlines and we are hearing from service management include:

  • Limiting on-site dispatches to customers that can be serviced via car travel vs air travel.
  • On-site dispatches for local areas only – no air travel or overnight stay.
  • Increased use of local 3rd party providers where local employees are not available.
  • Supply chain issues for repair and replacement parts.
  • Restrictions based on the need for and availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Field engineers (and others) being prohibited from being on sites such as hospitals.
  • Critical personnel and downtime events only, no preventive maintenance.
  • Challenges in staffing operations centers due to quarantines and access limitations
  • Staff layoffs resulting in coverage holes in service territories and/or capabilities

Deploying a technician to site has been the long-standing go-to for checking and maintaining critical equipment. We have always lived in the belief that technicians could be put on-site pretty much at will except in the most remote situations. And perhaps reasonably so, as until now its always been a relatively easy option. Covid-19 is the first global pandemic since the birth of the modern technology industry, and it has profoundly challenged that belief – amongst others.

Having continuous visibility to your critical infrastructure has never been more important. For us here at Rimot, it has heightened our urgency to deliver on our purpose to bring that remote visibility in an easy, insightful, and valuable way.

Our RimotRF service can monitor your repeaters, antenna, site and weather. And our new GPIO sensor means you can also monitor batteries and site equipment like tower lighting, generators, and doors.

We are also getting requests for our Rimot monitoring platform to monitor other equipment and infrastructure. As organizations move quickly and creatively to do their best in this situation, we’re listening and adapting with them to meet these new challenges.

Let us know if you think we can be of help.

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