Workplace Contactless Screening to Manage COVID-19 & Beyond 

COVID-19 continues to be a serious health threat, and the situation is evolving daily as the social and economic landscape adapts with it. Engaging with coworkers and loved ones, or being surrounded by others in public was an everyday occurrence we were used to. But now, if someone gets a little too close, you can start to feel extremely uncomfortable and at-risk.

To deal with the new normal of interacting in the workplace, employees need an environment where they feel safe and employers need business continuity. For a nearly invisible illness like COVID-19, it can be challenging to prove to employees that their facilities are being adequately cared for to prevent the spread of viruses. With the proper tools and technologies to screen employees, you can have a defense mechanism that allows everyone at your place or business to know that every individual is being looked at to help ensure they are not a risk to the workplace and the people around them.  

RimotHealth is a screening tool for your business or organization that uses thermal imaging cameras and administers an automated and contactless questionnaire to help ensure that your workplace is and remains virus-free. This technology is easily deployed at any natural entry point to screen everyone who enters. RimotHealth is designed for keeping everyone safe and working in manufacturing plants, warehouses, fire and police stations, health and long-term care facilities, schools, logistics centers, and more. 

Real-Time Contactless Screening Monitoring System

RimotHealth is a cloud-based turnkey workplace safety service that heightens health status awareness to protect essential workers and operations from virus threats. The completely contactless screening station consists of a thermal imaging camera, an electronic questionnaire screen, and foot response pedals. The RimotHealth cloud collects and merges these results to provide an easy-to-use view of the data across all employees  for single and multi-site operations. 

The thermal camera measures an individual’s body temperature – a leading indicator for virus detection. The facial temperature sensor allows for most masks and eyewear to be worn when an individual is screened. 

The contactless screening questionnaire provides your organization with a second layer of information on possible staff exposure. The foot response pedals allow workers to issue their response using their footwear, eliminating the danger of touching a surface someone has just made contact with that could potentially be contaminated. 

Combining both facial temperature monitoring and questionnaires is essential to manage your operation effectively and efficiently, keeping you informed and on top of any potential high-risk individuals in or around your workplace. These automated processes create real-time data accessible in the Rimot Management Portal, providing you with continuous visibility into current and historical screening data. Your management portal, built on Rimot’s tested and proven monitoring  platform, offers real-time data to inform your risk models and mitigation measures, and can aid in decision making when issues need immediate attention and resolution.  

RimotHealth eliminates the cost and safety issues for an employee to be present with a handheld thermometer and clipboard for manual checks every day.  Rimot is a future-focused company and is already exploring new potential ways RimotHealth could benefit and help your business. One of the most powerful aspects of Rimot’s platform is the ability to do custom integrations. Rimot is exploring how your screening station could be integrated with access control, wristbands, and more. 

Benefits of Workplace Screening Management Technology

Viewing the on-site health status of all team members helps you keep track of everyone’s health and safety on your worksite. With the aggregation of this data collection, you can quickly and easily understand your workplace’s health status by looking into real-time and historical trends accessible in your management platform from your computer or smart device. Real-time and historical data facilitates risk awareness and informs operational decision-making. With RimotHealth, you can limit and manage community spread while giving your employees an environment they can feel safe in and focus on their work.  

Adapting to the new normal means that you need a screening tool you can deploy quickly and easily. We understand that there may not be technical expertise on your site, which is why an easy-to-deploy platform was at the forefront of our design for RimotHealth. There is no pre-engineering required, a cellular monitoring link is included in the kit, and someone with basic technical skills can easily set up and plug in their new system.  

Shifting from Reactive to Proactive

Investing in proactive technology can be vital in keeping your operations running efficiently and keeping them virus-free.

If you are currently conducting manual screening, our automated system can save you time and money by eliminating the need for an employee or contactor to be present to conduct testing of anyone and everyone who enters your workplace. This is especially true if you employ hundreds or even thousands of people.  

The world is still adapting to the current threat of COVID-19, and many new measures have been put in place. The world has scrambled to set up defenses for this virus, but it’s not unrealistic to expect that a new similar threat may be on the horizon. Experts predict we will manage even the common cold and flu differently within workplaces. With RimotHealth in your arsenal, you can help keep your operation running smoothly through this current situation while being more prepared for future health threats. 

To find out more about how RimotHealth can sustainably protect your team and organization today and in the future, download our free RimotHealth brochure.

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