Are School Districts Ready to Open School Doors to Children?

Schools districts are planning to be opened in the fall, but questions remain in this time of global pandemic. Parents are worried for their children’s safety. At the same time, they know that schools must be opened in order them to go back to work. School Districts are living the same dilemma too. They know the importance of the schools opening but they also feel the pressure of providing safe schools for the kids, teachers and the other staff. They try to take into consideration of both physical and mental health of all the education community.

There is not a silver bullet to fix everything and provide a safe environment for all. Many different actions need to be taken at the same time to give comfort to students, their parents, teachers, and other workers. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has done a great job and prepared a readiness and a planning tool for the K-12 schools. So, best practice requires temperature screening and coronavirus symptom checking via questionnaire be completed at the same time. Screening children and staff for elevated temperature or fever alone is not a broad enough measure to screen potential coronavirus carriers.

A key action recommended by the CDC is to develop a plan to conduct daily health screening (e.g. temperature and symptom assessment) of staff and students, as possible, in accordance with any applicable privacy laws and regulations. Using manual testing people are required to come into close contact unnecessarily. In addition, data must be collected, compiled, and reported on manually, this all takes time and requires staff to be away from the core duties, or requires extra staff. Because data collection is not in real time, school districts may not be aware of coronavirus symptom outbreaks for days after they are detected.

Rimot, has built a touchless screening service for Covid-19 and that helps schools comply with the CDC’s recommendations. RimotHEALTH enables schools to do contactless temperature screening and symptom checking. Evidence shows combining the temperature and symptom checks can be effective in slowing the spread of the coronavirus. RimotHEALTH generates real time alerts in case someone fails in one of the checking. The district management and school principles can see their schools’ status real time by using the RimotHEALTH portal by using smartphone, tablet or a computer.

Schools that implement RimotHEALTH create self check-in stations, children and staff can screen one by one while maintaining social distancing. Individuals that do not pass the screening are immediately identified and can be directed to a secondary evaluation point by staff. Data is collected and sent to RimotHEALTH secure cloud service. Data for reports on trend analysis and compliance are automatically generated on the cloud portal. Instead of waiting for days to identify potential community outbreaks they are identified in near real time. Administrators and staff can even be notified of issues by text message or email. Protecting students, staff and communities from coronavirus in the process.

As we have described, managing a manual process can be time consuming and labor intensive. Equally implementing an automated system on your own requires a great deal of effort for school districts. Acquiring hardware and staff resources to implement an automated system on your own would be extremely time consuming and very expensive. RimotHEALTH is an all in one turnkey service. There is no requirement to buy extra equipment or burden your IT or administrative staff. Simply place they RimotHEALTH kiosk at the desired location and plug it in to an AC power source. There is no need to connect to school internet or LAN infrastructure. The device will connect to the cloud based portal securely and automatically via the included datalink. You can start screening and collecting data in minutes.

RimotHEALTH can play a role in K-12 re-opening plans. RimotHEALTH provides a platform to monitor health indicators that can help identify students or that may have or been exposed to Covid-19. Realtime monitoring can help identify possible issues and reporting can verify that any compliance requirements are being met. Learn more at

The world is still adapting to the current threat of COVID-19, and many new measures have been put in place. The world has scrambled to set up defenses for this virus, but it’s not unrealistic to expect that a new similar threat may be on the horizon. Experts predict we will manage even the common cold and flu differently within workplaces. With RimotHealth in your arsenal, you can help keep your operation running smoothly through this current situation while being more prepared for future health threats.

To find out more about how RimotHealth can sustainably protect your team and organization today and in the future, download our free RimotHealth brochure.

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