Why your Manual Screening for Coronavirus Isn’t Working

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Before 2020, it was expected that employees always show up to work, as long as they were “well enough” to do their job. Now, employers and organizations are taking a hard stance against staff arriving at work showing any symptoms of a virus that could put their coworkers at risk.

Whether an employee is showing symptoms similar to COVID-19 or not, if they’re not feeling well, employers are asking them to stay at home. Alternative tools and technologies have been put in place and organizational structures are changing to enable employees to stay isolated and work from home. However, working from home isn’t always an option.

Businesses in industries such as hospitality, retail, manufacturing, transportation, and long-term care all require workers to be on-site to get the job done. Government organizations like education, police, fire, and EMS need their employees to work in teams to carry out their mission-critical operations. To protect the health and safety of employees while still enabling them to continue working in teams and around others, employers are implementing screening processes to check for Covid-19 symptoms.

The challenge commercial and government organizations are facing right now is that manual screening processes can be time-consuming and pose health risks to the individuals administering the screening that could become infected. Employers are looking for more sustainable and effective solutions that can process screening faster while also produce accurate data and analysis to keep their workplace safe.

RimotHEALTH Automated Workplace Screening

To help expedite the screening process and keep operations on track, Rimot has introduced the contactless all-in-one temperature check and questionnaire virus screening system, RimotHEALTH.

RimotHEALTH provides a cloud-based turnkey workplace safety service that heightens health status awareness to protect essential workers and operations from virus threats. The completely contactless screening station consists of a thermal imaging camera, an electronic questionnaire screen, and foot response pedals. The RimotHEALTH system collects and merges these results to provide an easy-to-use view of the data across all employees for single and multi-site operations.

Combining both facial temperature monitoring and virus questionnaires is essential for gathering comprehensive data that enable employers to stay informed of high-risk individuals and better manage workplace health and safety.

How quickly can RimotHEALTH process staff?

While screening is necessary for today’s environment, it is the responsibility of individuals who are experiencing virus symptoms to respect the health and safety of others by staying home from work. For those who are not exhibiting symptoms and entering the workplace, they are currently being processed through manual screening but employers are finding this method to be labour-intensive and financially draining. Workers need to be processed quickly so they can start the critical work they do.

RimotHEALTH eliminates the cost and safety issues for an employee to be present with a handheld thermometer and clipboard for manual checks every day. Rimot’s virus screening tool has been shown to be significantly faster at processing staff than manual checks by an employee. RimotHEALTH can process four individuals in a little as 90 seconds, taking only about 20-30 seconds per person.

The automated thermal camera quickly measures an individual’s facial and body temperature – a leading indicator for virus symptoms. The facial temperature sensor allows for most masks and eyewear to be worn when an individual is screened. This reduces the chance the test will need to be redone, which would add additional screening time instead of getting staff through the door.

The contactless virus screening questionnaire provides your organization with a second layer of information. The foot response pedals allow workers to issue their response using their footwear, eliminating the danger of touching a surface someone has just made contact with that could potentially be contaminated. The questionnaire can be customized to suit your operational needs, meaning staff won’t need to waste their time answering questions that would be irrelevant to your workplace.

What happens after someone's processed?

After someone is processed through RimotHEALTH, the results of the screening are uploaded in real-time to the Rimot Management Portal, providing actionable data insights. From this portal, you get continuous visibility into current and historical screening data. Your management portal, built on Rimot’s tested and proven monitoring platform, offers real-time data to inform your risk models and mitigation measures and can aid in decision-making when issues need immediate attention and resolution.


If individuals pass the test, they are allowed to continue into the building and go about their business as usual. They, of course, must also follow social distancing guidelines and any other company policies put in place, even if they pass the coronavirus screening tool.


If an individual fails the test, an alert will be sent out to your mobile and desktop devices RimotHEALTH is connected to. Alerts can be sent by text or email. This will allow the company to respond and dispatch personnel to ensure the person who failed the test does not enter the building. For example, the occupational health and safety lead for the facility could be immediately notified when some fails a screening.

To find out more about how RimotHealth can sustainably protect your team and organization today and in the future, download our free RimotHealth brochure.

Free RimotHEALTH Demo

An automated screening tool is a new technology that the market only recently called for to manage through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Rimot’s RimotHEALTH virus screening system has filled that gap and provides business owners with a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy solution for their screening needs. It’s likely you still have questions about what adding our system what might look like for your business. To get your questions answered, contact Rimot to book your Free RimotHEALTH Demo today.

Disclaimer: RimotHEALTH cannot diagnose the coronavirus and is not a medical device for medical purposes. Only a licensed medical professional can determine if an individual with or without symptoms is experiencing an abnormal medical condition.

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