Install Remote Site Monitoring Equipment Without Pre-Engineering

The Challenges of Remote Site Monitoring and Management

The global pandemic has really driven home the imperative of having a remote monitoring system that provides insight and captures critical data for wireless transmitter sites. Organizations around the work are using new technology to work remotely – including the wireless industry. One of the primary issues service teams face when assessing remote monitoring solutions is finding a viable integration that operates independently from existing Information Technology (IT) infrastructure as to not impact network security.

Most remote site monitoring solutions and software applications rely on integration compatibility with existing IP networks. This means solutions may require access to the company network, and would need to be evaluated, tested, and installed by the IT department.

While IT workers provide much-needed support for network architecture, the pre-engineering required for a traditional remote site monitoring solution may delay implementation by weeks or frequently months. In addition to this, most monitoring solutions on the market today still require a field service technician to install, test, and manually retrieve the collected data. These challenges and delays for implementation make it difficult to justify the value of costly pre-engineering and the time spent managing and maintaining the monitoring system.

After gathering this feedback from companies across North America and abroad, Rimot developed a remote site monitoring solution that addresses these challenges and launched our premier managed service for wireless voice and data sites, RimotRF.

Solution 1: Independent Monitoring Part of Managed Service

Wireless transmitters and critical infrastructure used for land mobile radio (LMR), marine, aviation and other private radio systems are becoming increasingly software-defined and interconnected with existing IT infrastructure. Systems that connect to your company IT networks must be secure without compromise. RimotRF simplifies the task by using its own cellular IP communication links. The site data collected by our hardware is transferred over a protected cloud monitoring network and encrypted for end-to-end network security. Our system does not interfere or rely on your existing network to operate, therefore eliminating the pre-engineering required by the IT department.

Solution 2: Quick Turnkey Installation

RimotRF comes with everything you need to set up remote monitoring for private voice and radio systems including an outpost, motion / temperature / humidity sensor, AC power sensor, and a GPS and cellular antenna. You can also configure RimotRF with four MOTOTRBO sensors or four RF sensors, or a combination of both depending on your needs.

With our Advanced Services, you will also receive a General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) module that works with almost any kind of sensor or device that can send an electrical signal via dry contacts. You can easily have your remote site monitoring equipment set up and running in as little as an hour. You can also monitor the DC voltage of up to 4 battery banks or related devices.

You can access the real-time and historical data records collected by RimotRF on any device from any location. No longer will you need to dispatch technicians to the physical site to collect the data you need to make informed decisions.

To see for yourself how quick and easy it is to install RimotRF hardware, click here to view our installation video.

Solution 3: End-to-End Site Visibility

One of the main reasons we hear in response to why systems are not being monitored today is because it “only gives me part of the picture”. RimotRF is designed to monitor every component of your site’s critical infrastructure, from repeaters to transmitters, antennas, weather, batteries and more, giving you a comprehensive view of the entire ecosystem of your remote site.

As wireless communications technology becomes more complex, a break-fix approach to maintenance is not sustainable. This has proven particularly true with the challenges of field service in the times of Covid-19. With real-time and historical data analytics working together, you can help protect and pre-empt expensive and unnecessary system downtime. The ability to diagnose system issues from a remote location will not only help to reduce system outages by 50%, but it will also save on the costs of truck rolls by not having to send a technician out every time a system alert is triggered.

The Future of Remote Monitoring

The reasons for not monitoring your remote site infrastructure – difficult installation, limited visibility, cost, network security – are now eliminated with RimotRF. RimotRF provides continuous insight into previously unmonitored or under monitored equipment while offering easy installation and deployment at a cost that can comfortably fit any budget. As we move forward, Rimot will continue expanding the capabilities of our remote monitoring service to ensure the wireless communications used by government and commercial organizations remain reliable and operational whenever they are needed.

To learn more about how RimotRF remote monitoring can work for you click here to book a free demo.

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