What Are the Most Common Questions for a Coronavirus Screening Questionnaire?

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2020 has been the year that changed it all. Hand sanitizer was not the first thing you saw walking into a retailer, and hardly anyone owned any mask. Now, everywhere you go, you see people regularly applying hand sanitizer, and, more often than not, wearing masks or face shields just to go about their daily lives.

Commercial and government organizations have been forced to react quickly to this new situation and enact measures to protect customers and employees. Hand sanitizing stations, plexiglass shields, and required masks are all common tactics businesses have established in their workplaces to comply with local requirements and lower the risk of community spread. These tactics are effective; however, keeping a high-risk person away from everyone else is the best way to protect everyone inside your building.

RimotHEALTH Kiosk: Automated Workplace Virus Screening

By adding a RimotHEALTH Kiosk to your commercial or government facility, you can have a system that helps to prevent potentially infected people before entering your building. An automated system eliminates the need to employ multiple workers to conduct temperature measuring and questioning processes. Eliminating those workers equals cost savings and allows you to stop unnecessarily putting employees on the front lines and in close contact with individuals who may be infected with COVID-19.

RimotHEALTH is a completely contactless system. Not only does it eliminate close human contact, but it also provides a way to screen customers and employees without having potentially contaminated hands placed on the same surface repeatedly.

The RimotHEALTH Kiosk is made up of three parts. An automated thermal imaging camera detects facial and body temperatures, even if the individual is wearing a mask or glasses. A questionnaire screen can be customized to suit your unique operation or adapted to fit the changing virus situation. Lastly, to answer the questionnaire, foot response pedals are available to issue a response quickly.

The union of a temperature measuring device and questionnaire is essential for assessing the risk someone could have on your organization. With only one defense mechanism, you’d be missing a necessary layer of information. Just because someone’s temperature is normal does not mean they do not have COVID-19. It is entirely possible that someone could be infected but asymptomatic. The addition of a questionnaire gives you an in-depth look into someone’s recent behavior to judge if they could have recently been exposed to the virus or not. Where or who an individual has been around can be a telltale sign to if they pose a risk or not.

The temperature measurement and questionnaire responses are instantly uploaded to a cloud-based server. All real-time and historical information is available through an intelligent management platform, accessible from your computer or smart device. This platform is built from the trusted and proven Rimot monitoring platform. All of this information is easily digestible and gives you an overview of everyone’s health status inside your building currently and who has visited before.

Common COVID-19 Screening Questions

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we learn more about what coronavirus screening questions we need to ask. The RimotHEALTH coronavirus screening questionnaire comes preloaded with essential questions to ask, as suggested by health professionals and government organizations. You can also add, remove, or customize questions to fit your unique workplace and operation. Overall, the goal of asking coronavirus screening questions is to determine if someone is experiencing COVID-like symptoms or have been exposed to an environment or person(s) where they could have contracted the virus. Below are some common questions you’re likely to see on a coronavirus screening questionnaire:

Specific COVID Questions
• Have you tested positive for COVID-19?
• Have you been tested but are awaiting your results?
• Have you been in contact with someone that has or likely has COVID-19 or is currently in quarantine?
• Were you wearing appropriate PPE when you came in contact with this person?
• Have you had close contact with someone who was experiencing COVID-like symptoms (fever, cough, difficultly breathing)?
• Were you wearing appropriate PPE when you came in contact with this person?

Travel Related Questions
• Have you traveled recently outside of [insert location] in the past 14 days?
• Have you been in contact with someone that has traveled in the past 14 days?

Illness Questions
• Do you have the flu or feel ill today?
• Are you experiencing any of the following new or worsening symptoms or signs?
o New or worsening cough
o Fever or headache
o Shortness of breath
o Sore throat/hoarse voice
o Difficulty swallowing
o Chills
o Muscle Aches
o Nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain
o Runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion (without underlying reasons like allergies, etc.)
o Unexplained fatigue/malaise
• Do you have any preexisting conditions?

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An automated virus screening questionnaire can help keep your employees and customers safe from COVID-19 and future health threats. Adding a RimotHEALTH system to your business is a cost-effectively and easily deployable solution to screening everyone before they can pose a threat to your organization.
To learn more about how you can benefit from automating your screening process, contact us to book a free demo today.

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