Reasons why RimotHEALTH uses Cell Modems at Screening Kiosks

The world was a different place before COVID-19. Businesses now face new challenges when it comes to protecting the health and safety of workers and visitors. Not only do workplaces need to adhere to new social distancing and sanitization policies, but they must also implement virus screening processes recommended by the CDC & WHO, all while recording and managing virus screening data that comes along with adjusting to the new normal.

One-way organizations are implementing recommended CDC screening guidelines is by conducting manual Coronavirus temperature screening. This is a time-consuming process done with a thermometer and clipboard that can end up costing thousands of dollars with additional staff. This process is hard to scale, puts the screeners at risk of being exposed to an infected person, and results in data and information that is difficult to correlate to provide valuable insights for action.

While some businesses are conducting manual screening, several companies have no Coronavirus screening process in place. This results in no control over who is entering your building and leaves business owners, employees, and customers with their fingers crossed hoping that no one in the building is infected.

Several companies have come out with thermal camera solutions to help automate the screening process and enable businesses to maintain a safe workplace. Unfortunately, many of the systems are only offer temperature checks and visual data, making it hard to establish uniform processes for dealing with potential cases, and can be very costly to implement and deploy across all locations.

At Rimot, we’ve heard and understood the challenges businesses are facing with their screening tools and designed a system that is built to offer an end-to-end and affordable solution for your Coronavirus screening needs.

What is the RimotHEALTH Solution?

RimotHEALTH is an automated Coronavirus screening solution that efficiently and safely screens anyone before they are allowed to enter your workplace. A built-in thermal camera takes the facial temperature of an individual to quickly identify if they might have a fever, one of the significant symptoms of COVID-19. The intelligent camera system allows for screening while wearing most eyewear and has a face mask detection feature, so that you can confirm that proper procedures are being followed during screening.

Also included in the RimotHEALTH solution is a touchless and customizable questionnaire. This extra layer of information is essential to have a full-picture view of the risk someone could pose. The questions are answered by issuing responses with the included foot response pedals that keep potentially contaminated hands out of the equation.

The camera system and questionnaire results are stored on the secure RimotHEALTH cloud-based network that you can access through our management portal. The portal allows you to quickly analyze and access real-time and historical data from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Having this data collected and stored in the right ways turns it into valuable information you can use to act when trends and key parameters indicate that there might be a health hazard in the environment.

The entire solution is easy to deploy and can be set up in 30 minutes. The flexible design allows new screening kisoks to be easily deployed and added to your current setup. Committed to protecting your business, RimotHEALTH uses secure cellular modems, one of the safest and most efficient ways to transmit sensitive data.

Why RimotHEALTH Uses a Cellular Modem

RimotHEALTH systems can be easily and quickly set up within 30 minutes. The included cellular modem is configured for deployment, this is a major benefit for quick and secure implementation. Additionally, not having to require network access or time from your IT department means you can start protecting your business the same day your RimotHEALTH station arrives.

The cellular connection means your kiosk can be set up virtually anywhere most cellular service is available. Not being reliant on a Wi-Fi or hardwired network connection means you have the flexibility to install your system in the best location for the screening process. You are never stuck with your system only being usable in one area as well. Your screening station can be easily moved to a new entry point or, another facility that may be having issues.

Cellular Modem Security

When collecting health data, the security of that information is of the utmost concern. Wi-Fi signals are quite susceptible in several ways, which is why Rimot has taken advantage of the benefits of cellular modems. Cellular providers use secure encryption techniques to protect your data. Using an encrypted network is essential when transmitting sensitive information, like what is collected by your RimotHEALTH Kiosk, to protect your business and the individuals using the system.

RimotHEALTH in Your Organization

Using its own cellular modem, there is no need for this system to be configured to work on your current corporate network. You can experience a closed-loop of data, backed by Rimot’s trusted and proven cloud-based platforms. The easy deployment of RimotHEALTH means your IT team can stay focused on their job without worrying about the addition of a new system to the already established corporate network they manage.

To learn more about RimotHEALTH and how our end-to-end solution can help your business navigate and overcome these challenging times, you can download our free brochure today.

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