Reducing the Burden of Entry-Screening for Long-Term Care

Everybody has been affected by Covid-19, and particularly people in Long-Term Care Facilities (LTCs).  Since residents and staff proved especially vulnerable from the outset of the pandemic, LTCs sought out immediate ways to mitigate the risk of virus spread in their facilities.  One health and safety measure put in place by LTCs was the manual screening of staff, visitors, and residents at point of entry – typically done by an individual with a thermometer and clipboard.  Although intended to be temporary in nature this practice has continued through the course of the pandemic.

It has become clear that entry screening will continue to be necessary for the foreseeable future given continued new cases of Covid-19 and the uncertainties associated with the duration of the pandemic. LTCs are turning their attention to longer term sustainable entry screening solutions like RimotHEALTH.

What entry screening processes have been put in place by LTCs?

Early on LTCs implemented safety policies and procedures to limit visitors, require social distancing, enforce face mask compliance, and manually screen entrants for temperature and health check questionnaire.  LTCs were also required in many cases to report screening results on a regular basis to governmental and/or health authorities.

Why put in place an automated screening solution?

Automated entry screening solutions like RimotHEALTH mean that manual screening is now viewed by many as being inferior.  Manual screening is slower leading to longer entry lines, requires more administrative resource to enter paperwork, and adds extra costs and exposure risks through use of entry attendants in close proximity to entrants. On the other hand, automated entry screening solutions like RimotHEALTH provide operational visibility, ease of compliance and improved occupational health and safety outcomes.

What does a RimotHEALTH deployment look like?

  • RimotHEALTH kiosk(s) are placed at entrance(s) to screen employees, contractors, designated caregivers, and visitors who are frequently accessing the facility.
  • Entrants come upon the RimotHEALTH kiosk where they participate in the entry screening process which includes a temperature reading, reading of proximity card/fob, and answering of a customizable health questionnaire.
  • Based on results of screening entrants are prompted to either proceed (passed entry) or to not proceed (failed entry). Pass and fail messages are customizable by the LTC.
  • In the event of a failed entry an alert is distributed via text message and/or email to those designated by the LTC.

RimotHEALTH Workplace Screening

What are some further insightful details regarding a RimotHEALTH deployment?

  • The entrant maintains a contactless user experience through the use of foot pedals to answer questions and proceed through the entry process.
  • Existing RFID passes like proximity cards and key fobs are used to assign an entry record to the RFID pass that was used at entry. The process of assigning RFID passes is straight forward and some LTCs even assign RFID passes to non-employees like contractors and designated care givers.
  • The kiosk can send an optional alert to designated individuals in the event an entrant is not wearing a mask.
  • Individuals designated by the LTC receive alert emails or text messages when someone fails with the screening due to non-compliant questionnaire answers, or high temperature.
  • Since the RimotHEALTH portal is accessible via a computer, tablet, or smartphone, management is aware of the situation in their facilities in real-time and have the information for reporting.

Why will LTCs look to solutions like RimotHEALTH for the foreseeable future?

At Rimot we believe that entry screening is here for the long-term. Reports from the World Health Organization outline that in North America herd immunity and return to a sense of normalcy in daily routines is not likely to occur before the later part of 2021 at earliest.  Variants of concern and return of international travel will likely mean sustained risks for LTCs well into 2022 and we believe LTCs are likely to remain vigilant beyond 2022 in contemplation of the possibility of future outbreaks and infectious diseases.

RimotHEALTH is a long-term and sustainable entry screening solution for long-term care facilities. It makes it easier for LTCs to manage the administrative burden that comes with entry screening while at the same time reducing cost and improving outcomes for stakeholders. When compared to manual screening financial payback can be as little as 1-2 months.

Contact us for a demonstration to see how RimotHEALTH can be a sustainable screening solution for your long-term care facility.

Disclaimer: RimotHEALTH cannot diagnose the coronavirus and is not a medical device nor for medical purposes. Only a licensed medical professional can determine if an individual with or without symptoms is experiencing an abnormal medical condition.



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