Do you know your system is down?

Remote monitoring reduces outages by 50%

Land Mobile Radio Systems

Private voice and data radio systems generate large amounts of operational data and system alarms daily. Most of this vital information is stranded and never looked at. Sending a technician out to manually investigate reported system issues incurs the cost of additional truck rolls. This reactive approach also increases financial, safety and risk issues during system downtime. We developed RimotRF to close the gap of effective monitoring for remote wireless transmitter sites. RimotRF is a turnkey remote monitoring service that provides continuous data for better real-time decision making, and overall smarter remote asset management.

What We Monitor


Forward Power, Reflected Power, VSWR

Weather & Lightning

Wind Speed, Precipitation Rate, Outside Temperature, Lightning

Tower Lighting

Lighting Faults, Lighting Status

Aviation & Marine Radios

Activity, Transmit Power

Site Shelter

AC Power, Temperature, Humidity, Motion

Two-Way Radio Repeaters & Transmitters

Activity, Transmit Power, Onboard Diagnostics, Automated Alerts

Generators & Other Site Equipment

Equipment Faults, Battery Voltages, Operating Status

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The Value of Remote Monitoring

Reduce Outages & Issues

24/7/365 monitoring reduces system outages and issues by 50%.


Reduce the cost and inconvenience of truck rolls and technician time.


Real-time alerts to quickly identify and resolve issues before users are impacted.

Learn More About Rimot Monitoring with RimotRF

RimotRF GPIO Video

RimotRF VSWR Video

Data for Informed Operational Decisions


Current and Historical Data

Exclusive offering that provides continuous insight of what is happening and has happened to the remote site and sensors.


Data Analytics

Gain real-time insight into the health of your site with built-in analysis and reporting.



Automated alarms reported via SMS and email.


Device of Choice

Web-based interface with full-data view accessible from a PC, Tablet, and Smartphone.

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